The Golden Nugget

I was wearing: 
ONLY wool sweater + MISS SIXTY jeans + High Platform CONVERSE personalized golden-plated OUI bracelet

After the IV SUNDAY FASHION BRUNCH (organized by Joanna Hawrot and Oskar Bachoń) which took place in May, this place simply couldn't get out of my head! The weather during the shooting was awful - it was pouring all day long - so the restaurant LUMINAA in the heart of Kazimierz was the perfect escape. Done with the photos, I enjoyed a big cup of strawberry-mango tea (it had a lovely pink colour), you need to visit that place :)

This post is in collaboration with the jewelry brand OUI. They have beautiful, golden or silver plated bracelets, which one can personalize - like I did. I've chosen the title of an Polish song "Tańcz Głupia, Tańcz" which means "Dance Fool, Dance". I know that it doesn't have a real sense, but I guess it's more personal :) You can find their products on Facebook or Showroom.

photos were taken by Klaudyna Schubert 
at LUMINAA, ul Kupa 24/3 at the Jewish Quarter in Cracow


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