Instagram August - my first one!

Hey You! 
I've fought hardly, but eventually .. I also signed up for IINSTAGRAM (weeeeri) ;) For those of you who haven't got an account I'll be posting (some of) my Instagram-photos monthly, so you'll get a small hint of what I'm up to everyday. Hope you enjoy it!

1. Those photos are a very nice memory of the weekend when my girls decided to visit me in Cracow. Mostly we just ate well, saw some nice things and explored a little bit of Cracow's nightlife ;) The first day we decided to breakfast at CHARLOTTE where they offer delicious French croissants and homemade jam.
2. A great expression of art on one of KAZIMIERZ' (Jewish Quarter of Cracow) old buildings.
3. In Kazimierz we tried STUDIO QULINARNE. Honestly, it's one of the most gorgeous places in Cracow and my new favorite place to dine. I've read so many positive reviews about this place and they are all true (the last one is from dania kontra ania - in Polish)!
4. Here you can see us - enjoying the party and having fun at BASE MUSIC CLUB ;)

5. Together with the girls we spent the whole Sunday at PLAŻA KRAKÓW - enjoying the food, the beautiful view of the Vistula and the fresh water in their swimming pool. Hana ordered some Panna cotta I had to capture ;)
6. Since our restaurant Pizzeria Habitel is part of OPENCARD (a project by the WBK bank) - we, as owners, also got an Opencard which allows us to dine at selected restaurants for half of the normal price! So together with Grześ we decided to try out the restaurant at the Hotel Gródek. Unfortunately the service was very inefficient which is very sad as the place itself (especially their terrace) is stunning. 
7. Grześ and me again.
8. Once a year I visit my grandparents in MAZOVIA. They live in small village called Leśniki, where 90% of the people are traditional farmers. Here you can see the next bigger city WĘGRÓW where they have the coolest Second hand shop Szmizjerka.

9. Since I don't have gel nails anymore I'm totally into nail polish - like this "Confetti" - one from L'Oreal :D
10. + 11. I was overwhelmed by the nature in Mazovia - something totally different from Cracow, I liked it a lot
12. Hmm, handsome Chuck and Nate - GOSSIP GIRL still remaining as one of my favorite series (Game of Thrones nearly catching up ;)

13. Driving home from Siedlce to Leśniki we stopped by some fields during the sunset. 
14. Here we went to SIEDLCE. After reading some opinions on gastronauci.pl (a review-page of Polish restaurants) we ate at KOCHANÓWKA (unfortunalety nobody cares about their Facebook-page). They offer traditional Lithuanian and Polish cuisine - a delicious place I hope to visit again next year!


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  1. Świetny pomysł z tym Instagramem, bardzo fajne foty kochana:)
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  2. Świetne są takie mixy:)

    1. Dziękuję :) Właśnie obczajałam Twojego Instagram'a ;) Widziałam Cię na Fashion Brunch'u w niedzielę ;D

  3. Love this post & loved the time with you and ulli in cracow ;)