This post is the continuation of our cowork with Karolina Skrzydłowska aka PEPINO - a crazy, red-head girl from Cracow whos passion are black & white illustrations and drawings. As you saw Ola's latest post (dare you haven't :P ), Pepino's art has a touch of mystery, darkness, even a little bit of creepiness. As the photos inspired by Maggie Piu were a lot easier to interpret because there were women with character, Karolina's illustrations made me trouble a little bit. Below the effects - I'm eager to know your opinion!

I was wearing: 
FOREVER 21 tee KENNEL & SCHMENGER suede-boots + bracelet via SZAFA.PL

photos were taken by Klaudyna Schubert 
at MIX-MEBLE ul Wadowicka 8A in Cracow
- thank your for beeing so kind to let us shoot at your place -

See you! 

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