Nomination for Liebster Award - Questions and Answers

I'm honoured to be nominated for the Liebster Award by Olga from the blog Ekskribicjonizm Kontrolowany (and Polish Your Spoon). 

Just to explain what that is (I didn't know that neither):
"The nomination for the Liebster Award is received from another blogger for 'having a job well done'. It is awarded to blogs with fewer observers, so it gives the possibility of their "spread". After receiving the award, answer the 11 questions received from the person who nominated you. Then, you nominate 11 people (you inform them) and ask them 11 questions. You must not nominate the blog that has nominated you."

Olga asked me 11 questions in Polish, but as I know I have international readers too, I've allowed myself to translate and answer them in English. I'm sorry I won't nominate another 11 people as this could get a little bit complicated/confusing because of the language barrier/switch.

1. One sweet now or two sweets in an hour?
One sweet now.

2. Do you prefer talking or listening?
I like listening but sometimes I'm just talking too much :(

3. A bold book plus a thin sandwich or a thin book plus a bold sandwich?
I'm afraid I don't read too much lately and it's too hot for big food, either .. so I don't know ^^

4. Apple pie or cheese cake?
My mum's Vienna style cheese cake (translation thanks to Olga ;)

5. What  place would you recommend to visit/see in Poland? It can be a city, a restaurant or a tourist point.
Boah, that's a tough one. I love so many places! Hmm, I really enjoy the swimming pond Bagry and the Plaża Kraków beach club & restaurant right by the Vistula (both Cracow). I'm still remembering the White House Lounge & Restaurant in Sopot last year - heaven on earth with a top-design! Worth visiting is the Museum Fabryka Schindlera (Cracow). Of course this list would have no end ...

6. What foreign language do you like most?
French! I'm studying it via Duolingo (iPhone app) now ;)

7. What does it mean to you "to plan your life"?
Have a nice job and a steady income .. sorry Olga but that's a weird question for me.

8. Heart or brain?
I do prefer brain, but sometimes it's nice to let yourself just live fast.

9. What was your first memory and how old have you been?
My first memory is a sad one - I even feel pity for the little-me back then: I was screaming and crying like hell because my mum left me in kindergarten, I was two years old ;)

10. Favourite Polish dish?
Pierogi!!!! Who doesn't like them?!

11. What nice thing would say yourself if you were your best friend?
You're tough enough, just believe in yourself :)

Maybe YOU have some questions you'd like to ask me? Feel free!

2 komentarze:

  1. 7th question may be weird... I just believe one can tell much about a person by her/his life goals. No offence, I'm not going to use these answers - I just wanted to know you all better :-)

  2. Don't why my previous answer disappeared ^^
    I know you won't use them ;)