Squeezed Instagram: September

Again - this month's favorite snapshots! I tried to categorize them as there will be more and more every month :)


1. "Stary Teatr im. Heleny Modrzejewskiej", a theatre placed on the Szczepański square
2. I took a photo of the ceiling at the Baroque Restaurant & Cocktail Bar during the fashion brunch, the 1st of September - that's called a nice start into the month!


A horse at the WLKS Krakus stable, during show jumping, at the beginning of the month.



A friend of mine and Grześ moved to the peripheries of Cracow - to Kocmyrzów, a beautiful landscape scenery, some animals included :)


1. Those photos were taken during my trip to one of my best friends in Sandomierz. Here at the Cafe Mała.
2. The elliptic stairs at the Collegium Gostomanium (a highschool).
3. "Wąwóz Św. Jadwigi", a gully that is getting thinner and higher with every year.
4. "Góry Pieprzowe", the oldest mountains in Europe (according to my friend's parents). 
5. I've fallen in love with that little derelicted house, a photo taken during our walk in "Piszczele" park. 


1. After eating some delicious "Stelze" (stilt) at the Schweizerhaus at the Prater, Vienna. 
2. My aunt's window in my hometown Baden. 


1. I loooooove gifts, Grześ knows that ♥
2. I think that's more than true. 
3. I've got bangs!
4. Trybunał, a fresh pale lager I can recommend to every beer-lover. Lately, I'm becoming a real beer-gourmet, hehe. 
5. Just beautiful, enough said!
6. Before going out for party - wearing my new glimmering Inglot eyeshadow nr 85 (pure pigment). 

Hope you liked it!

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